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Books for Mindfulness for children

I wanted to share some of the books, that I use with the children in the Inner Light Mindfulness for kids program. I love these stories and find that a story will really be able to open up conversations. On a variety of different subjects from feelings, emotions, bullying, kindness, compassion.

This is a beautiful book, the illustrations are gorgeous, colourful and cute. Emma Quay is the Author of this book. This a rhyming book, I love books that rhyme, that may be just me but I really love them. It is playful, light and a loving book talking about how much we love our babies.

Starting out with:

See my bouncing baby,

jigging on my


Then snuggling for a story,

just baby, book and me.

This is a great book for the older child and it really focuses on the Anxious child. It explains anxiety and how it feels, It makes anxiety Okay, It shares a light on it talking about how anxiety is creative, How you are strong brave and fearless when you are feeling anxious. It also explains a lot about your brain and how the brain works.

It is a really nice book by Karen Young and Illustrated by Norvile Dovidonyte

This book is bright and colourful and has a cut out in it. Which is a nice addition.

This is a book about Feelings By Jo Witek Illustration by Christen Roussey

It talks about feelings and what their heart may feel like at different times, from feeling like a big yellow shiny star to feeling angry and feeling like your heart may explode. It covers all kinds of emotions and feelings which is a lovely way to go into more of a conversation with the child about how they feel and where they feel it in their bodies. Also encouraging them to feel their feelings without judgement.

This book is more for the girls. It is such wonderful book for girls and body image. We know in this day and age that unfortunately there are a lot of pressures on girls and body image, through social media, media, TV shows, magazines etc. So this is lovely for the girls to help empower them and comfort them and to help them see how extra ordinary they are exactly as they are. The Author is Jessica Sanders and illustrated by Carol Rossetti. A wonderful story about just what your body can do for you. LOVE THIS BOOK

A wonderful story about inclusion and bullying. Roxy Jacenko has written this book. And the pictures are done by Heather Hawkins. It follows her time at school when the other children are not being kind to her because she is a little different and once she stood up for herself how things shifted. It is a story to showcase how being kind can really make a difference. Great conversation starter on bullying or worries at school.

Andrew Daddo and Jonathan Bentley created this book which focuses on starting a new school year. It covers feelings and where you may feel that in your body which I love. When the child realises she doesn't know anyone in her brand new class how she reacts, the feelings that come up for her. It is covering worries, anxiety, friendships and other emotions.

LOVE THIS BOOK. It is fun, it rhymes and is about a unicorn (sort of)

This is a book about trying to be something else, being weird and wonderful and about trying to fit the mold and coming to the realisation that life wasn't all that bad being Thelma.

Some other books that are wonderful:

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