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People often tell me I am afraid because, what if it doesn't work or I fail or look silly, but I call Bullshit!

Well I don't disregard their feelings for sure because that was me.

I was forever fearful of looking the fool, people seeing that I was not good enough, that I didn't have any clue to what I was talking about or that I would fail.

I didn’t try things in fear of looking like a dumb ass. Then something shifted.

I slowly began to believe in myself.

Each time I tried something new and I felt the intense fear I pushed through and always without fail on the other side of that whether I succeeded, or failed (by the way there is no such thing as failure) I had grown. I had either learned something about what not to do or about myself or I found a confidence to keep going.

When I first started my self development journey you would not believe just how self conscious I was and the fear was debilitating. My first course I signed on to do I was not sure if I was going to be able to do it without people realising that I was smart enough. Starting my own side hustle. I had little to no belief that I could do it and it was there that I found supportive people who were about uplifting and cheering me on. When it came time for me to leap and leave my full time job, I was scared to death. I was leaving security, something I had spent years doing and I knew what I was doing there behind. I was respected and trusted and I was about to throw it all away. I was about to have to believe in my own abilities and trust that those who need me will find me.

See the thing is each and every time I have tried something new, something scary or exciting I am putting my faith in myself. I am building a confidence and trust in myself and even though I may not be an expert I am learning and growing each and every time.

I have just learned how to do Past life Regression and was so very nervous to do my first few sessions with clients. I was overwhelmed with fear and wanted to cancel. The thing is how do I learn, how do I break through the fear, I just bloody do the thing that scares me. Once it is over I always think, well that was not that bad.

So when the ladies tell me that they are afraid of the healing they are about to do or the moves they want to take in their business or health or even leave behind things that no longer serve them. I understand there is fear but it is a chance to move through the bullshit and do the face the damn fear because there always magic on the other side.

If you are feeling stuck, feeling as if you want to start getting to know yourself better, want to learn how you can better connect to your intuition and use mindful techniques. Or if you are not even sure about what it is you are feeling a pull toward you can jump on a Soul alignment session with me or even do one of my mini courses. To get started.

To View my online courses and immersion you can find them at this link

To book a FREE 15 discovery call to chat about the next steps you can book in via this link below.

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