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What to expect when you work with me.

Well first of all you can expect to feel comfortable and in an environment that is only going to uplift and support you.

You can expect that what ever you have come to me for will be tailored completely to you as an individual. Here there is no cookie cutter way. Each person has a unique set of circumstances so that is what we look at.

Reiki Healing and EFT

When you come to me for Reiki or EFT sessions you will be coming to my healing studio where the environment is calming soothing, and a really nice space where you can feel comfortable. Oh and smells divine. If you have not had a session before I will run you through what I am going to be doing so that you have a better understanding and so that you also feel at ease. Every single session is different. The healing session runs for approx. 1 hour. And you will be on the Reiki table. (not for EFT) Once we have done the Reiki we will sit and have a post discussion to chat about anything that may have come through for you and also what things showed up to me. I then share things you could do moving forward or tools to use to help where needed.

Past Life Regression

When you come to me for a Past Life Regression the same thing goes. We get you set up comfortable on the lounge as this runs for 2 hours. I will explain and go through a process before we start the regression. Finding out what your intentions are whether they be for healing patterns or just out of curiosity. This session is very much like a guided visualisation meditation.The emphasis on you feeling safe at all times. It is actually a really fun experience..

Inner light Retreats

These are the most magical weekends away. Each of our retreats has been a wonderful success. The women who attend get to relax and unwind and to also engage in healing and informative workshops over the weekend. Each day starts off with some beautiful restorative yoga. The food is delicious and cooked on site by the amazing Tahlia and there is also plenty of time for down time. Each guest receives an individual reiki healing.

Soul alignment Sessions When you work with me one on one. Soul alignment sessions.

These are sessions I do at times where I will have a one on one call or face to face meeting where we discuss something that may be coming up for you. It may have to do with business, emotions, where to next, anxiety and overwhelm.

In the soul alignment sessions we look at those pressing issues and work on building some strategies around that. I will do a card reading and also if there is anything to channel then I usually will channel messages that are needed for you. By channeling I tune into your energy and ask guides, angels to come in and share anything that you are needing to know at this time.

My online immersions. I have the most magical online immersions available to help you tune into your own feminine essence. These you can work through in your own time limit. You can find these at https://erin-sharwood-health-mindset-and-confidence.teachab…

My Dance Classes I run two dance classes. One is Chakradance which is a beautiful healing modality. This is where a group come to my studio and each week we explore the different chakra systems. The dance and music is specific to each chakra and those who have attended before have seen amazing shifts. The class runs as a warm up, dance of the chakra, and then we create a mandala to integrate the journey. This is a 9 week course. Energy shift classes are classes that I created to help shift energy in the body, through dance to upbeat, fun music. we have had 80's 90's and all other themes for each class. These run for 45 minutes and are SO MUCH FUN. If you would like to book in to the dance classes send me a message.

Below is my calendar link to book any of the services I have spoken about above.

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