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Everyone deserves to                       shine 

I see you, the one lacking confidence.

The woman who is overwhelmed and seems to not have enough hours in the day.

The lady with no energy or get up and go.

The girl who wants more.

The Person who is struggling, and may even feel a little lost.

The mama who wants to reconnect with herself.

The person who is searching to find ways to feel fulfilled, to feel good in her own skin and stop the cycle of her inner critic.

I see You because


Hey Mama

I am you

Fun Facts

about me

I CANNOT stand cotton wool balls. The thought of them makes my skin goose bump. 

I ruin every laminator I touch. 

I am Very funny. Well I think I am.

I hate the scrinch that dry sand makes on the beach it makes me feel the same way cotton wool balls do. 

I love Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches.

Retreat Testimonials and Video

Retreats and workshops

Our Retreats and workshops for women to Heal, Connect Reclaim.


Coaching packages to suit each unique individual. One time coaching calls to 4 - 7 week coaching packages.

Energy Healing

Reiki Healing sessions Distance and hands on as well as Conscious dance classes (Chakradance)  

Online Courses

Online healing packages, and immersions as well as our Sacred Feminine Sisterhood Membership

book a discovery call

Wondering what is the best way to start your healing journey and need some guidance. Book in a call with me to have a chat about what the best options will be for you individually. 

Low Toxin

Safe and Effective 

Household, skincare and health products

Contact Me

Email: sharwooderin@gmail.com |  Tel: 0434212313

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