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The Comparison Game.

So who compares themselves to others? Who wants to have what others have? Who is jealous of others success?


This is very much a regular occurance that we all live with or that we at some stage have.

Why can't we have what others have or do what others are doing and why cant I be as skinny or pretty or stylish or financially stable as them. Well it is hard these days to be totally secure with yourself and what it is you have because of media, magazines, internet and the things online look so much more perfect than they are in reality I assure you. Yes they may have that beautiful big new fancy home, but they may also be struggling financially to have that home. That of course is the way they chose to live their life but it may not be as you perceive it to be. I have learned a lot about perception and how you may think one thing is one way but it is entirely different to one person than it is to the next. 95% of what we see is our own perception. We have ways of being, doing, seeing feeling and morals and also expectations and all of that comes into the way we see and react to things. So when you are looking at the other person thinking Oh they are so lucky to have that or be that just think that they may have worked very hard to get where they are and may have struggled (just as you may be) along the way to getting to where they are. Or they may not be entirely happy in the situation that they are in.

You are amazing in your own right. You have the right to have what you want in life but you have to work at it. You have to change the way you think or act or even get yourself into action to get what it is that you are so longing to have. Don't ever compare yourself to another. Each of us have our own ways of being and that is perfect the way it is. Not everyone likes one way of being and you will are perfect they way you are. Imagine if we were all the same. Like the Stepford wives.

Boring. Yes it would be so boring. So the next time you are wishing you had something someone else has or you want to be like someone else is. Have a look at why you want that. If it is for outside approval try to look deeper and see why it is that you need this. I am working through this and have gone through Facebook unfollowing a lot of health coaches and people I was following because I wanted to be where they are or do things like them. I had to put a stop to that and go back to me. I have my own unique way and I don't want others to rub off on the way I do things changing my authenticity. Changing who I am because that is what is my super power. Me. The fact that I am a real, woman who has a journey that I am travelling and that I am learning as I go and that I have things to share from my experience. That in itself is a superpower.

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